NBA 2K18 And FIFA Coming To Nintendo Switch

By Mike Sousa on January 13, 2017, 4:08PM EDT

Electronic Arts has announced NBA 2K18 will be made available for Nintendo Switch. This will be the first title in the franchise to appear on a Nintendo console since NBA 2K13, which was released on Wii and Wii U in 2012.

"Bringing NBA 2K18 to Nintendo Switch is a natural progression as we continue to expand our audience and welcome new fans to the franchise," said Jason Argent, SVP of Basketball Operations for NBA 2K.

In addition to NBA 2K18, a new FIFA title is also in development for the Nintendo Switch. Although Electronic Arts was not clear on whether this is FIFA 18 or a different title, the publisher said it will take advantage of the Switch’s social features, offering an experience "custom built for the Switch."

Both titles will be available on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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