Sea Of Thieves Trailer Shows Off Cooperative Treasure Digging And Ship Navigation

By Mike Sousa on January 12, 2017, 4:55PM EDT

Rare has released a new development diary for the upcoming action-adventure Sea of Thieves.

The video features Senior Designers Shelley and Andrew Preston as they show off several cooperative gameplay mechanics of the game and the importance of players interacting with each other and working as a team. One such example happens when navigating the ship, where one player has to take control of the whell, while the other players need to provide information on where they are and where they are headed, incoming obstacles, among other situations.

Teamwork is also very important when digging for treasure. Only one player has to map, which means that once again there has to be some sort of interaction so you can tell or show other players where the treasure is. The tricky part comes when you find the treasure, as you can be ambushed by other players and lose the trasure, which means that you will have to protect the treasure carrier and take the gold safely to an outpost and sell it to the Shipwright.

Sea of Thieves releases later this year on Xbox One and PC.

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