The Division Last Stand Expansion Detailed

By Mike Sousa on January 23, 2017, 4:51PM EDT

Ubisoft has posted the patch notes for The Division update 1.6 and the Last Stand expansion on the game's official forum. You can check all details for the Last Stand DLC expansion below.

Last Stand

  • SHD tech data relays that are loaded with operational information where left behind in the DZ with the JTF was forced to withdrawal. Rogues have targeted these data relays and are attempting to access what’s inside. Engage in 8 versus 8 PvP combat and secure the data before the Rogues can.
  • Fight to control three key tactical locations on one of 4 Dark Zone maps.
  • In order to capture a tactical location, the team will need to control three objectives inside the location. Once the tactical location is secured, the team will begin scoring points.
  • First team to reach the max score, wins.
  • To help propel their team to victory, players can activate powerful fortifications and SHD tech tactical boosts.

New Incursion – Lost Signal

  • Lost Signal takes place in a civilian TV Broadcast center taken over by the infamous Rikers gang.
  • Players will venture into three different wings and face unique combat scenarios. Each encounter is meant to push players to play tactically and make the best use of their builds.
  • All wings bring their own challenges and rewards; completing all of them will unlock the final boss fight and the strongest opposition yet.

The Division update 1.6 will be available for free for everyone and will adds new content, several gameplay changes and tweaks, and bug fixes. You can check the full list of patch notes here.

The release date for The Last Stand expansion has yet to be revealed.

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