Valkyria Revolution Gets New Story Details And Screenshots

By Mike Sousa on January 9, 2017, 8:04PM EDT

Sega released a large batch of screenshots of the upcoming Valkyria Revolution. Furthermore, the publisher also revealed new information on the background of the game's story, including details about Circle of Five and Four Generals.

The plot of Valkyria Revolution starts 10 years prior to the events of the game. Claudius, the second prince of Ruzhien Kingdom, believed that people from long ago had received a blessing from the Valkyria in the form of Contract Ring. After investigating more on the Valkyria, he learns that the ring is located inside a temple of Valkyria in Molda of Jutland Kingdom. Since the kingdoms were allies at the time, the prince was able to head to the temple and find the ring. With the ring in hand, Cladius was able to summon a Valkyria and make a contract with her, a contract which initiated the raise to prominence of the Ruzhien Kingdom.

Cladius was not exactly a good person, which was demonstrated in his quest to obtain the ring. When the prince and his soldiers occupied Molda, he burned down an orphanage and ordered the childreen killed just because they were in the way of his survey of the area. In addition, he also kidnapped the teacher which was responsible for handling all the kids of the orphanage. Five childreen survived the incident and they swore to take revenge on Cladius and four officers for their action, with the five becoming the Circle of Five in the main story.

Some years later, the group tried to assassinate Cladius, but as the hero Amleth swung his sword at Claudius, the legendary Valkyria came and protected Cladius. Realizing their strength wasn't enough to take him down, the group aborted the plan. A few years later, there's an economic embargo against Jutland Empire, which was seen as an act of betrayal from Ruzhien Empire. Amleth took this opportunity to join the Jutland army and lead the country into a war against the Ruzhien Empire in an attempt to get to Cladius.

Valkyria Revolution releases on the 19th of January in Japan. The game will release this Spring in North America and Europe on PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita.

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