2D Platformer Switch Releases On March 7 For PC, Coming To Xbox One This Spring

By Mike Sousa on February 8, 2017, 7:51PM EDT

Developer Threye Interactive has announced Switch will release for PC via Steam on 7th of March, and for Xbox One sometime this Spring. Switch 2D puzzle platforming game with a heartwarming narrative, that mixes classic platform mechanics with a nimble 'switching' twist. Leisurely paced, challenging, and addictively fun, Switch will keep players' palms sweaty and thumbs fatigued.

In times when people immerse themselves in social media rather than nurturing real relationships, it's inevitable every now and then to feel lonely and out of touch. With this in mind, we wanted to create a narrative led platformer, that modern players could emotionally connect to. We finally concluded - is it not me, myself and I that every person best identifies with?

The core game mechanic of switching between a small 'i' and a capital "I" perfectly illustrates how the self-centered character abandoned by his friends transforms into a loving and all encompassing version of himself.

Bharat Nag, Threye Interactive

Following known 2D platforming mechanics such as jumping, wall jumping and shooting, Switch introduces a unique 'switching' mechanic which not only affects the platforms in several ways but also grants a double jump, which leads to situations demanding interesting choices to be made within split seconds.

The game employs a beautiful, minimalist 2D art style which is further enriched by a soundtrack that emboldens a sense of excitement and fun throughout the game's challenging levels.

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