A Rose In The Twilight Gets New Gameplay Trailer

By Mike Sousa on February 6, 2017, 1:04PM EDT

NIS America has released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming puzzle platformer A Rose in the Twilight.

In this trailer, you discover a girl named Rose with the "Curse of Thorns" that lies on her back. With her mysterious powers, she is able to control time by blood. Rose meets a giant companion who aids her by carrying and throwing heavy objects, a necessity traveling through the colorless castle.

Trapped in a castle void of color and time, the duo must work together to escape. By using her mysterious power, the girl is able to to absorb blood and inject it into static objects, which then returns the presence of time. You will also need to make use of the giant's super strength by lifting and throwing objects to clear your path. Switching between them is vital to solving almost all the puzzles you will encounter.

As she begins to familiarize herself with her surroundings, Rose will discover a series of grim vignettes where memories are revealed to her when she absorbs blood from the fallen. With this element of visual storytelling, these fragmented memories will help piece together what it was like in the castle before Rose awoke from her slumber, and may hold answers to why she is there in the first place.

A Rose in the Twilight releases for PS Vita and PC on the 11th of April in North America, and on the 14th of April in Europe. If you want a physical copy of the game, you can pre-order it exclusively from the NIS America/Europe Online Store.

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