Deck 13 Unveils New Gameplay For Sci-fi Action RPG The Surge

By Mike Sousa on February 18, 2017, 2:57PM EDT

Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 have released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming sci-fi action RPG The Surge. The 14-minute video also features commentary from Deck13 Game Designer Adam Hetenyi as he explains more about several gameplay elements of the game.

Fitted with an industrial exoskeleton, you must fight your way through CREO, equipping the spoils of combat to your suit. Armor and weapons are looted from enemies after duels, in which you will take advantage of The Surge's unique limb-targeting system to attack and cut off parts of the enemy you want to equip or craft.

Targeting a part of the enemy which is armored will deal less damage, but you will earn the opportunity to deal a finishing blow that will cut off the limb in-tact, allowing you to loot the spoils, gain blueprints, and tech-scrap used to level up your exoskeleton.

The Surge features vertical and horizontal attacks, which are used in combination with parry's, ducks and jumps as well as a boosted dodge - courtesy of your exoskeleton - culminating in swift, snappy, precise combat situations unlike anything experienced before.

At CREO, you will meet survivors who need help or who can offer assistance. Accepting missions can yield extra rewards, but you will have to balance that against your desire to go deeper into the complex, as the stakes grow ever higher - once dropped, your tech scrap will diminish over time.

The Surge releases in May on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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