Dragon Ball Fusions Now Available In Europe, Middle East And Australia

By Mike Sousa on February 18, 2017, 12:07PM EDT

Nintendo 3DS exclusive Dragon Ball Fusions is now available in Europe, Middle East and Australia, publisher Bandai Namco has announced. To celebrate the release, Bandai Namco has released a new gameplay video that highlights the game's fusion techniques.

In Dragon Ball Fusion, all characters can do the famous Fusion Dance, leading to hundreds of new, never-before-seen heroes. Players will enjoy classic fusions, like the famous Gotenks, fusion between Goten and Trunks, but also fusions more - unexpected like Naditz, combination of Nappa and Radditz. All fused characters are much stronger than the original characters alone and thanks to the system of Ultra Gauge, these fused characters can use two new powerful moves: the Zenkai Attacks and the 5-Way Fusions.

Developed at Fukuoka, Japan based Ganbarion Co., Dragon Ball Fusions is the latest Dragon Ball experience to appear on the Nintendo 3DS platform. Combining fighting, customization, and item collection elements, the game totally brings the Dragon Ball world to life! It features a huge roster of characters from across Dragon Ball through Dragon Ball Super that players can combine to create endless combinations of powerful characters. Players will have the opportunity to enter an all new original Dragon Ball story in Dragon Ball Fusions' Adventure Mode and to prove their fighting prowess in Multiplayer Battle Mode.

Dragon Ball Fusions was released in North America back in November.

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