Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailers Focus On Skills And Abilities, Crafting System, And Extensive Open World

By Mike Sousa on February 27, 2017, 4:07PM EDT

With the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn just around the corner, Guerrilla Games and Sony have released several trailers for their upcoming open world action RPG. In these trailerd we see Game Director Mathijis de Jonge, Managing Director Hermen Hulst and Narrative Director John Gonzalez talk more about several aspects of the game including Skills and abilities, the crafting system, and the extenside open world the game has to offer.

Starting with Skills and abilities, Hulst explains that the game is basically a hybrid between an action game and an RPG. Jonge adds that a lot of the actions you do in the game earn you XP, which can be used to level up Aloy and learn new skills in three different areas: prowler, brave, and forager. Despite this, according to Jonge there are no predefined classes in the game or anything that locks a player into a certain playstyle.

Moving on to the crafting system, Gonzalez says that every good RPG needs to have a sense of character progression and the ability to customize a character's skills and equipment. Jonge also talks about how Guerrila Games didn't want to take players out of combat to craft amno, and while you can freely customize items, weapons and more in the main menu, there's a gameplay mechanic called quick craft, which allows players to craft amno mid-combat.

Finally, speaking about the game's massive open world, Hulst says that there's a lot of challenges when making an open-world game, adding that it's really important to allow the player to go anywhere and that the experience should be seamless. Speaking about sidequests and other optional activities, Jonge explains that the game was designed in such a way that there's is enough to do for players and that there's nothing stop you from doing anything in the game just because you are underleveled.

Horizon: Zero Dawn releases on PS4 on the 28th of February in North America and on the 1st of March in Europe.

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