Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Sheds Some Light On How To Customize Your Character, Skills And Squad

By Mike Sousa on February 23, 2017, 12:49PM EDT

Electronic Arts has released the second trailer in its new Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay series. In this video, learn all about how to customize your character, progress your skills, and command your squad.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, as you level you will gain skill points, which you can use to access over 300 skills without being limited to a class, allowing to freely choose the skills that suit your playstyle. As you unlock skills over the course of the game you will also start to gain access to profiles. There are seven types: soldier, engineer, adept, sentinel, vanguard, infiltrator, and explorer. As you choose more skills within a profile, you will earn bonuses for that specific profile. Players can switch profiles at any time during combat, allowing you to keep the action fresh and adapt to each combat situation.

Moving on to Favourites, these are a quick way to map three skills and one single profile to one slot. At any time during combat, you can switch between four slots, giving you access to up to 12 of your favorite skills and four different profiles during a battle.

Your squad also plays a crucial role in every battle. Each of your six squad-mates has 3 active and 2 passive skills. You can set your squad up around the battlefield, order them to defend locations, attack targets or rally to your side. You can also perform powerful Power Combos, which activates when you or one of your squad-mates primes one or more enemies, setting them up for the kill, then you or your squadmate jump in to detonate and finish the job.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on the 21st of March in North America and on the 23rd of March in Europe.

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