Narborion Saga Releases On March 21

By Mike Sousa on February 8, 2017, 2:04PM EDT

iber Primus Games announced that its RPG fantasy adventure Narborion Saga is launching on Steam on the 21st of March.

Launching Narborion Saga on Steam takes this title to a whole new level. We wanted to create an intense and versatile experience that appealed to the huge yet demanding consumer base of RPG fans on PC.

Dénes Csiszár, Producer and Co-Founder of Liber Primus Games

The Narborion Saga combines three main RPG quests where players will have the opportunity to develop character abilities while learning new spells as well as dueling in Player VS Player combats. The gameplay will be broken down into small episodes and placed as locations on the map.

To reach the episodes, players move their character on an overland map as well as on several smaller (swamp, city, and dark forest) maps. Once there's something to do or discover, characters leave the map and enter a gamebook-styled narrative section to complete their quest.

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