Path Of Exile 'The Fall Of Oriath' Expansion Gets New Trailer And Screenshots

By Mike Sousa on February 20, 2017, 11:41AM EDT

Grinding Gear Games has released a new trailer and screenshots for the upcoming expansion for its online Action RPG Path of Exile, The Fall of Oriath.

The Fall of Oriath adds the game's fifth Act, which will take players to a new area called Oriath, the original home of your main character. However, the developer didn't just implement the fifth Act in this expansion, as 'The Path of Exile' will also feature Acts 6-10. Acts 1-5 will serve as Part 1 of the story and while Acts 6-10 will be Part 2.

In Acts 6-10 players will return to Wraeclast. However, you'll find that it's in a different state based on your actions from Part 1. Although players will return to Wraeclast in these Acts, Grinding Gear Games CEO Chris Wilson assures that more than 50% of Part 2 is new content.

Besides the new areas and Acts, this expasion will also introduce 24 new bosses. Sixteen of these bosses are the Old Gods, who are fighting among each other for control of the land. Throughout the adventure, players will only need to face four, but the game will offer incentives to defeat the remaining ones. Each time you kill an Old God you will acquire its power, which can help in several situations.

In addition, before the expansion's release, players will have the chance of participating in the Path of Exile Legacy League. Starting on the 3rd of March, this event will allow players to acquire some of "the rarest and most valuable items from the past".

The Fall of Oriath expansion is set to release sometime this Summer. Grinding Gear Games has recently announced that Path of Exile is coming to Xbox One and it will include all expansions that were released so far for the PC version.

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