Get Even's New Trailer Is All About The Game's Music

By Mike Sousa on March 25, 2017, 8:50AM EDT

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a new trailer for the upcoming psychological thriller game Get Even. Instead of showing of new gameplay, the trailer instead highlights the interactive music for the game.

Get Even's musical score is composed by Olivier Derivière, who is hailed by MTV as "Game music's eclectic daredevil" and known for his work on 'Remember Me' and 'Assassin's Creed IV Freedom Cry'. To fully submerse the players into GET EVEN's atmospheric, multi-dimensional story Derivière created a visceral and emotional musical score infused with sound sourced from the game's environment and that reacts, in real-time, to the player's actions.

"Through the use of real-time MIDI, live musicians recorded in ambisonics, and other audio tricks, the gaming environment itself is now an orchestra waiting to be conducted, and everything in it is a potential instrument" says Derivière.

Get Even has players take on the role of Cole Black, a man who awakes in an old abandoned asylum, and his sole memory is the attempted rescue of a teenage girl with a bomb strapped to her chest. Everything else is blank. With a strange technology fused to his head --- used to read and replay human memory --- Black travels into the depths of his own mind. To find the truth of his past. To find the truth of what happened. And to answer two very simple questions: 'Why were you there?' and, 'Who was the girl?'

Get Even releases on the 26th of May on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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