Koei Tecmo Details Toukiden 2's Online Features

By Mike Sousa on March 3, 2017, 10:37AM EDT

Koei Tecmo has provided new details on the online features of the demon-hunting RPG Toukiden 2. The publisher also revealed new information on the game's character creation system and some of the new Oni that will be featured in the game.

Toukiden 2 offers several multiplayer features, making this a rich online environment for players to team up to take on the ferocious demons known as Oni. These Multiplayer features can be enjoyed on both PS4 and PS Vita, with the PS Vita version also supporting local ad-hoc network multiplayer.

Players will find mysterious Portal Stones scattered throughout the Otherworld, which, when touched, will transport them to the multiplayer lobby. Accepting missions at the Command Hub will allow up to four players to take on Oni throughout the Ages, granting them the upper-hand in battle with well-coordinated teamwork.

Online multiplayer mode aside, the campaign experience has also been heavily enhanced for Toukiden 2. Apart from the main storyline missions delivered from the Holy Mount, players can explore an immense open world and encounter other players for cooperative Joint Operations. By aiding those in need a variety of rewards become available in the form of weaponry, armor and new Mitama, as well the opportunity to form a party, Those playing offline can carry out Joint Operations by meeting Doppelgangers, the Ghost Data of their friends, which offer the same functionality as human companions.

While carrying out these operations in the Otherworld, players can share items and equipment with others via Reliquaries, containers for sacred relics. Accessing the Reliquaries across the world will allow them to place items inside for retrieval by other players. Donating items into a Reliquary not only aids fellow players, but returns an item of equal value.

Each player can make themselves unique by utilizing the game's vast character creation system, which boasts a wide variety of different visual styles never previously available in the Toukiden series.

The game's boundless battlefield hosts a plethora of new Oni inspired by western lore. The Drakwing, a beast resembling a legendary dragon, the Canidaemon, a wolf-like creature which harnesses the power of wind and lighting in its tail, the Wingspawn, an Oni which breaths deadly poison which turns humans into demons and the Bruteclaw, a heavily armored six-legged demon are only a few of the new enemies that plague the Ages.

Toukiden 2 releases on PS4, PS Vita and PC, on the 21st of March in North America and on the 24th of March in Europe. Those who pre-order the Toukiden 2 from Amazon, Best Buy, EB Canada or GameStop will receive the Tenko Costume armor, allowing Slayers to dress up as their fluffy companions, as well as the "Sanada Masayuki", "Sanada Noboyuki", "Sarutobi Sasuke" and "Chiku Rin In" Mitama to bolster player's skills and abilities and aid them on their Oni-slaying adventure.

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