Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Focuses On Exploration And Discovery

By Mike Sousa on March 3, 2017, 2:40PM EDT

BioWare has released the third video in its new Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay series. This time around, the trailer focuses on exploration and discovery.

Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place within the the Helius Cluster, which features dozens of star systems for players to explore. Players can navigate star systems via the Tempest galaxy map. From planets, to moons, to anomalies and starships, where ever you are in Helius you will now be able to see everything that exists outside the ship's main windows in real time.

There are 100 planets to discover in Mass Effect: Andromeda, although, you can only land in a few of these planets. Planets where you can land is where the adventure really begins, with each world you visit having its own story, its own characters, and its own challenges. With this in mind, Bioware showed off planet Eledin, revealing more about the planet, its inhabitants, and more.

Before you set to out to explore a new planet you will get an update for your AI which will point out key locations. Mass Effect: Andromeda also brings back the vehicle exploration that has been missing since the original Mass Effect. Using the new all-terrain land vehicle, the Nomad, players can explore the vast landscapes found within the game. You can also enhance the Nomad with a series of functional upgrades, designed to give you better boosts, better jumps, better handling, and more.

As you explore, you will discover locations to call down forward stations, which act as a fast travel point and allow you to change your loadout, or serve as a place to recall your Nomad if it gets lost or destroyed. In addition, forward stations also provide resupply and protection from environmental hazards.

All your discoveries, including new locations and storylines, will help raise the viability of the planet. Increasing planet viability allows for two things: the creation of an outpost and the ability upgrade the nexus, the Andromeda Initiative space station.

Your exploration and discoveries will also give you Andromeda viability points. Reaching thresholds will allow you to upgrade the Nexus and wake up colonists from cryo sleep. Who you decide to wake up, will determine what types of perks and advantages you will get.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on the 21st of March in North America and on the 23rd of March in Europe.

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