Psyonix Announces 'Dropshot' Game Mode For Rocket League, Releases On March 22

By Mike Sousa on March 14, 2017, 11:34AM EDT

Psyonix has announced announced that a new free mode called Dropshot is coming to Rocket League next week, on the 22nd of March.

"Dropshot is a brand new take on Rocket League gameplay as we introduce dynamic breakable floors and an electrified ball, all within the confines of a new hexagonal Arena, 'Core 707'," said Psyonix. "Instead of pushing the ball into your opponent's goal, your objective is to destroy panels on the opposing team's floor, and score goals through those gaps.

"Our new game mode is all about Damage! Along with our usual stats like Goals, Assists, and Saves, Dropshot introduces Damage as a statistic -- the more damage you do, the more floor panels break, and the easier it is to score a goal! Each panel can be hit by a ball twice -- the first hit activates the panel, while the second breaks the panel, creating a new scoring opportunity.

"The new ball has three different phases, each more powerful than the last, that determine how much damage is done when the ball smashes into the floor panels. The second and third phases are activated by multiple Battle-Car hits, so the longer the ball stays off the ground, the more powerful it becomes. While the first phase of the new ball only damages one tile upon impact, the second and third phases can damage up to seven and 19 panels, respectively."

Along with the new game mode, the update also adds new trophies/achievements, arenas, and painted boosts and finishes, as well as spectator camera improvements and the end of Competitive Season 3. There's also a new Battle-Car called Endo, which is available exclusively as a limited-drop in the new Turbo Crate.

Source: Official Website

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