Sci-fi Action RPG The Surge Gets New Details On Its Environments

By Mike Sousa on March 28, 2017, 6:05AM EDT

As we draw close to the release of Action-RPG The Surge, developer Deck 13 will be publishing a series of devblogs that give fans an insight into the exciting features, environments and lore of our game. Deck 13 has just released four new artworks for The Surge, which reveal more about some of the environments of the game.

Nucleus - Rocket Launch Pad

Around the world, CREO is launching rockets to restore Earth's atmosphere by spreading the Project Resolve agent, healing our devastated planet bit by bit. The whole facility is basically built around three huge rocket launch pads where the rockets are being shot in the atmosphere using an electromagnetic pulse before they ignite their fuel resources.

This location is only accessible to personnel with a very high security clearance because, well, nothing is allowed to go wrong here!

The Nucleus is the core of Creo's rocket program and as such the core of the whole facility. It shows how the rockets are prepared for launch. As a launch takes place around every ten minutes, there is a whole support system for rapid refuelling, start procedure and liftoff.

Unnamed Project Research Facilities

Creo is a company that relies on continuous research performed by the best of the best. Scientists from all over the world have been gathered to work on the Project Resolve formula, improve the efficiency of the frequent rocket launches as well as the recycling of the used parts. Also, new tools are created to improve the capabilities of the Creo workers, and that includes constant updates of the workers' exo rigs and their neural implants.

The research facilities are not accessible for personnel other than scientists. However Creo offers guided tours where outsiders are lead through the facilities. High risk areas are not accessible of course.


The place where CREO workers get their Exo rigs installed, upgraded and repaired. It is also the place where work injuries are treated.

Medbays are frequently found in Opertions centers, or Ops, where higher-ranked service personnel oversees the workflow of company sections and help solving technical or health issues that occur during the workers' shifts.

The Medbay is one of CREO's most advanced facilities. It is able to work completely autonomous and perform surgery based on artificial intelligence and a vast medical database.

Executive Forum

Located on top of the company's central tower called CREO One, the Executive Forum is the place where the board meets for the highest level decisions. It is also said that the office of Jonah Guttenberg, founder of CREO, is located on this level, and even though nobody saw it yet, workers claim that the "Heads Up" videos of company star Don Hackett are recorded here on a frequent basis.

It's at the center of the levels but it's almost impossible to reach for a regular worker. The Executive Forum has been crafted with only the finest materials. It is supposed to deliver an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Most impressive to visitors is to witness the vision of Jonah Guttenberg which is the vision of a better world.

The Surge releases on the 16th of May on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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