Watch Dogs 2 Post-Launch Content Roadmap Revealed, Four Player Co-op Coming In June

By Mike Sousa on March 30, 2017, 8:45AM EDT

Ubisoft has released a detailed post-launch content roadmap for Watch Dogs 2. This roadmap reveals all the content, both paid and free, that will be coming to the game in the upcoming months, including a four player co-op mode.

Starting with the previously announced 'No Compromise', this story DLC will release on the 18th of April on PS4, and on the 18th of May on Xbox One and PC. 'No Compromise' adds a set of story missions that pit Marcus against the Russian mob. This DLC also includes three new emergency services packs, with new vehicles and outfits that let Marcus dress up as a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic, all with a DedSec twist. These aren't purely customisation items, either: Each outfit and vehicle adds a new ability that lets Marcus affect NPC behaviour and do previously impossible things.

Meanwhile, Showd0wn, the multiplayer mode that was originally part of 'No Compromise', will now be available on all platforms through a free update coming on April 17. According to Watch Dogs 2's live producer, Kris Young, the decision to make Showd0wn available for free to all players was not only due to community feedback, but also because Ubisoft wanted to have as many people as possible playing the mode for a better challenge, better matchmaking time and quality, and a healthier, more active community.

Pitting two pairs of players against each other, Showd0wn is an endgame challenge for experienced players. Its competitive matches come in three flavors: Steal the HDD; Doomload, a King of the Hill-style match; and Erase/Protect the Servers, a Watch Dogs twist on classic domination matches. Spread out across 15 distinct locations, these modes will flow seamlessly from one to the next, pushing you to bust out every skill you've learned over the course of the game with dynamic hacking, shooting, driving, and puzzle-solving challenges.

Showd0wn isn't the only new feature being added in the free update. The drone, motocross, and eKart races are also getting multiplayer functionality complete with leaderboards, letting you test your high-speed skills against the best the community has to offer. There will also be "loot truck" events challenge you to hack an armoured car while fighting off its reinforcements, and smaller additions --- including new clothing items and tweaks such as a quick-swap feature for weapons --- are rolled into the update as well.

You also get to carry a new, nonlethal addition to DedSec's 3D-printed arsenal: a paintball gun, which can stun enemies, splash color across the environment, and temporarily splatter a paint effect across the screens of multiplayer opponents.

Finally, a four players co-op mode will be added to Watch Dogs 2 as a free update sometime in June. This mode will allow players to form a party and explore the city and play activities together.

Source: Ubisoft Blog

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