Birthdays: The Beginning Gets New Screenshots

By Mike Sousa on April 20, 2017, 10:34AM EDT

NIS America has released brand-new screenshots for the upcoming sandbox title, Birthdays the Beginning. These screenshots showcase the game's menus and give us a quick look at the "Challenge Mode".

"Challenge Mode" is a mode in which you are given a set amount of years and special conditions to accomplish a challenging task, like creating and capturing a plesiosaurus or the infamous tyrannosaurus rex.

In Birthdays the Beginning, you accumulate dozens of items throughout the game to alter the topography, temperature, and moisture - but one of the more interesting items is the Mysterious Glass Jar. This item saves the genetic information of an organism and let's you decide when and where to convert it back into an organism. What will happen when you force a creature into a habitat it's not accustomed to?

With almost 300 unique creatures to capture, you will find yourself constantly reshaping your world and creating new environments and conditions for life, even if it means eliminating an entire species to do so.

Birthdays the Beginning releases on PS4 and PC on the 9th of May in North America and on the 12th of May in Europe.

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