Burnout Creators Announce Danger Zone for PS4 And PC

By Mike Sousa on April 28, 2017, 5:26PM EDT

Three Fields Entertainment, the studio founded by the creators of Burnout, announced Danger Zone for PS4 and PC. Danger Zone is an all new 3D vehicular destruction game, a genre we know well, where you crash for cash by creating the biggest car crash.

The Danger Zone is a virtual Crash Testing Facility where players step into the shoes of a dangerous driver and are challenged to survive a variety of spectacular crash testing scenarios.

Powered by Unreal Engine, Danger Zone combines real physical crashes with explosive gameplay. Shunt vehicles into oncoming traffic, take down trailers to shed their payloads and use your explosive “SmashBreaker” to move your vehicle around. The more explosions you cause, the bigger your score.

If you’re feeling burnt out by congestion and jammed roads, take the highway to the Danger Zone. Take your revenge on rush hour traffic. This place is a paradise for those who like their driving flame-grilled.

Key Features:

  • Single Player Game Mode featuring 20 unique crash testing scenarios.
  • Connected Leaderboards allow comparison of player scores between Friends and the whole world.

Unfortunatelly, Danger Zone won't include multiplayer. However, Three Fields Entertainment told Glixel that if the game finds an audience then multiplayer will surely be added in the future.

That would be a dream [to keep adding to Danger Zone]. No, you know, this one isn’t [designed like that], because we’ve got a very strict budget and a strict timeframe. We’ve done it for PC and for PlayStation 4. We’re looking around, we’re not seeing many small teams doing console versions at the same time. We would love to do multiplayer. It would take a lot longer than we could afford, but if the game can find an audience, we’d absolutely bring multiplayer to it. I don’t think there’s ever been a proper multiplayer version of the game, and I think two players or more working together could be a lot of fun. I think it’s a dream of all developers to support their games. But again, there’s only six of us. I think Ubisoft are pretty good at doing games as a service, but they probably have – I dunno – 4,000 people on a game, or something.

Three Fields Entertainment co-founder Alex Ward

Danger Zone releases in May on PS4 and PC, and it will be available for $12.99/€12.99/£9.99.

Source: Glixel

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