Cities: Skylines 'Mass Transit' Expansion Releases On May 18

By Mike Sousa on April 17, 2017, 10:00AM EDT

Paradox Interactive has announced that "Mass Transit", the next expansion for Cities: Skylines, will be available on the 18th of May.

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit brings a blimp-load of new features to to the critically acclaimed city-builder, including new public transportation options such as monorails, cable-cars, ferries, and most majestic of all, blimps. The expansion also includes new mass transit hubs, which allow passengers to easily switch between different public transportation options.

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit will feature:

  • The Road to Riches: Ferries, blimps, cable cars, and monorails help move your citizens around town, and get their money into your city's coffers.
  • Home is where the Hub is: The transit hub connects all your transit together, letting citizens ail lines in one building, or hop from the bus onto the ferry, or even find their way through a sprawling monorail-train-metro station.
  • The Traffic Must Flow: New scenarios will test your traffic management skills and transit system vision. New road types, bridges and canals adds variety to your city, and new ways to solve its challenges. Become an expert in traffic flow, and then use that knowledge to improve your city!
  • New Hats for Chirper: No expansion is complete without some new hats for fictional birds!

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit will be available for $12.99.

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