Conan Exiles Update Adds New Dungeon

By Mike Sousa on April 9, 2017, 8:07AM EDT

Funcom has released a new update for its open-world survival Early Access game Conan Exiles. This update adds a new dungeon called The Dregs, and in it players can explore the dark sewers which spread beneath the ruins of an ancient city filled with corrupting magic.

Players must perform a grizzly ritual beforethey can open the secret entrance to the dungeon and descend into the murky depths below. The Dregs offer a brutal challenge with new monsters to fight and puzzles to overcome. The final boss of the dungeon is the Abysmal Remnant, the result of an experiment with dark sorcery which went horribly wrong. Players can get their hands on new armor, weapons, gear and new crafting recipes by defeating the dungeon boss.

Conan Exiles released earlier this year on Steam Early Access.

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