Musical Action RPG AereA Releases This June On PS4, Xbox One And PC

By Mike Sousa on April 22, 2017, 3:21PM EDT

Publisher Soedesco, has announced that its music-themed action RPG AereA will release on the 30th of June on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

AereA puts players in control of four characters as they embark on a quest to return the nine primordial instruments to their rightful places and restore balance to the world of Aezir. There's Wolff, the archer, whose weapon is a harp; Jacques, the knight with a cello as his sword and shield; Jules, who channels magic through a lute; and, finally, Claude, the gunner whose weapon is a trumpet. Each character can be controlled by you as the player or cooperatively with up to three friends in local co-op.

To help bring the world of AereA to life and really tap into the music theme of the game, Soedesco is teaming up with 'Broforce' composer Deon van Heerden for the game's original soundtrack. Van Heerden is an award-winning videogame and trailer composer. Recently, the music video for 'Broforce' won a Golden Trailer award for most innovative advertising for a video game, which featured Van Heerden's song 'The Ballad of the Rambro.' In the AereA soundtrack, every Boss in the game has a specially themed instrument and each Boss has its own soundtrack featuring that instrument.

AereA will be available in digital and retail formats on all platforms. The retail version of the game will include a full copy of the game's original soundtrack as a Special Edition.

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