Glory Ridge Coming To Mobile Devices On May 15

By Mike Sousa on May 10, 2017, 11:42AM EDT

Oasis Games has announced that their MMO strategy modile game Glory Ridge will launch on the 15th of May. The game has now been in beta for a few months and the developers have used players feedback to fine tune the game's systems.

The game's launch will be accompanied by the launch of the second world server for players to start on a fresh world. There will also be in-game events that have been a regular occurrence in the beta, that will allow players to gain resources, unique troops, and items. Players who have characters on the previous world will not be able to transfer their characters to a new world.

Glory Ridge is a brand new strategy mobile game brought by Oasis Games. This game will be one of the most prominent games among all of our other titles. We greatly thank all the players who participated Glory Ridge’s beta test and provided valuable feedback. We will improve the game step by step after the official launch.

Our development team and live operation team have done plenty of technical preparation work for the official game launch. We sincerely hope all the new and old players will enjoy the highly improved Glory Ridge in our global engaging community in the official launch version.

Oasis Games

Glory Ridge is a free-to-play MMO Strategy RPG mobile game that offers a rich blend of strategy, city building, and role-playing elements. Developed by award-winning studio Oasis Games, players can build empires and fight in strategic battles in both PVE and PVP. Create your own city, form Alliances with other players, conquer territory, and recruit powerful heroes and troops.

Game Features

  • Choose your Hero - Recruit heroes to join your cause, each with their own unique stats and abilities. Equip and train your hero to become the ultimate leader and fighter for your campaigns.
  • Building Progression - Build your empire with your own capital city and showcase it with impressive structures. Upgrade your key production buildings to improve output. Invest in your recruitment and research facilities to craft powerful units and equipment.
  • Strategize -Form an army with their own strengths and weaknesses then head into battle. Strategically deploy your force and fight in turn-based battles against Minotaurs, Vampires, Orcs, and more. Fight PVE or fight against players in PVP warfare.
  • Form Alliances - Team up with friends and strangers alike to form powerful alliances to take down enemy players. Alliances hold many benefits including progression, unique equipment stores, and social features; as well as huge PVE boss battles.
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