Micro Machines World Series Gameplay Trailer Shows The Thrills Of Racing

By Mike Sousa on May 26, 2017, 7:49AM EDT

Codemasters has released a new gameplay trailer for Micro Machines World Series. The trailer shows off the game's several vehicles and tracks, as well as the miniature mayhem players can unleash.

For the first time in a Micro Machines game, every car has its own entirely distinct personality… and arsenal! Each gives players a different way to play and enjoy the game, meaning fans of the series will have plenty to sink their teeth into.

Players will quickly gain an affinity with a particular vehicle and find it suits their style of play. You can master one vehicle collecting all the 25+ customisations, but then have a whole host of variety choosing and mastering all the other vehicles in the game.

Chief Game Designer Gavin Cooper

Micro Machines World Series will supports 4 player local races, and 12 player on-line races. As well as the core racing modes are the Battle Modes, which pit up to 12 players into the same arena for frantically competitive multiplayer games, including 'Capture the Flag' and 'Territory'. All of these are set to the interactive backdrop of 15 battle arenas including The Laser Lab, Buzzsaw Battle and negotiating the Hungry Hungry Hippos board without being eaten.

Micro Machines World Series releases on the 23rd of June on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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