Tactical RPG Children Of Zodiarcs Releasing On PS4 And PC On July 18

By Mike Sousa on May 17, 2017, 9:26AM EDT

Developer Cardboard Utopia announced that its tactical RPG Children of Zodiarcs will release on PS4 and PC on the 18th of July.

Children of Zodiarcs is a story-driven, single-player tactical RPG that combines traditional tactical gameplay with the thrill of collectible cards and craftable dice. The game was inspired of tactical RPGs, namely Final Fantasy Tactics and the 16-bit Shining Force games, as well board games and collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering.

The game is set at the heart of an evil empire, a group of young outsiders rebel against the corrupt system that holds them down.Professional thieves on the trail of an ancient relic, the group infiltrates the glittering halls of a corrupt noble’s private chambers in pursuit of their target, narrowly escaping the wrath of the city guards at every turn. Desperate to find an escape, they seek refuge in the city’s seamy slums and brave the sunless pits of the underworld. Out to get them are heavily armed city guards, rival gangs and psychotic families of subterranean cannibals. Abandoned by the system and used by selfish criminals, these young companions will be forced to come to terms with their own reality. But be warned – in the world of Children of Zodiarcs, no one escapes unscathed!

Key features:

  • Rich narrative content - The main story, side missions and optional narrative content of Children of Zodiarcs will unravel a tale of family, friendship and loyalty, revenge and compassion, and most of all, of survival and resilience.
  • Unique, multi-layered strategical gameplay - New tactical opportunities rise at every turn thanks to the combination of unit positioning, card playing and dice rolling. Observation and adaptation are key to make the most of them and lead your party to victory!
  • Customizable deck and dice - Thanks to the deck building and a dice crafting system, you are not at the mercy of the dreaded "random number generator". By choosing which cards and dice you bring into battle for each of your characters, you can give them the fighting style you want to suit your own gameplay style.
  • Physically simulated dice roll, and reroll - This is virtual dice rolling to the next level! You are in control of the timing and orientation of your dice throw. Rerolling also gives you a chance to optimize your results!
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