Trackmania2 Lagoon Coming To PC On May 23

By Mike Sousa on May 10, 2017, 7:54AM EDT

Ubisoft announced that Trackmania2 Lagoon is coming to PC via Uplay, Steam and Maniaplanet on the 23rd of May.

Trackmania2 Lagoon is bringing a new 65-track solo campaign amid soaring tropical tracks, as well as six multiplayer game modes and the ability to create new tracks and events in its tropical setting. Trackmania2 Lagoon boasts high-speed runs through rollercoaster-like tracks on the tropical island of Lagoon, and you’ll be able to challenge other players in Time Attack, Round, Team, Cup, Laps, and Chase events.

A new update is now available for the Maniaplanet platform, adding robust features and enhancements that include new tools for creating single-player campaigns, and a mesh modeler for designing new 3D objects. The Maniaplanet 4 update adds a number of under-the-hood improvements to boost game performance, as well as free access to a new channel system for discovering user-generated content and connecting with other players.

Players will also notice key differences in their games; in addition to new textures and features, the Chase team mode is now available in all Trackmania2 titles, while Shootmania Storm players get new weapons, vehicles, and a new Warlords game mode.

Source: Ubisoft

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