Black Desert Announced For Xbox One

By Mike Sousa on June 19, 2017, 10:11AM EDT

PearlAbyss and Microsoft announced that the award-winning MMORPG Black Desert Online is coming to Xbox One. The game was announced as console exclusive, meaning that a PS4 version is most likely not in the plans.

Although Black Desert was originally developed for PC, the community said it would make a good console game due its outstanding graphics, controls, and full support for gamepads. Due to these aspects, many players constantly requested a console version of Black Desert, as its gameplay and brilliant graphics surpass that of many console games.

We chose Xbox because of its hardware performance, market penetration, and marketing power. Especially, Microsoft has promised us with full marketing support and has actively engaged with us from the beginning. That is why we believe that Xbox is the best console partner for Black Desert.

PearlAbyss CEO Jung Kyungin

Since its launch in Korea in December 2014, Black Desert has been successfully serviced worldwide in Japan, Russia, North America, Europe and Taiwan. It has purchased by over 1 million players in North America and Europe and was voted as the best MMORPG by Gamescom and in 2016.

Black Desert releases on Xbox One in Q1 2018.

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