Drifting Lands Out Today On PC

By Mike Sousa on June 5, 2017, 3:34PM EDT

Developer Alkemi announced today that its ARPG shoot-em-up Drifting Lands is now available for PC. You can check the game's story trailer below.

In the skies of a shattered planet, totalitarian corporations battle to control and exploit nature's remaining resources, but you are not like them. As a new member in a caravan of outlaws, smugglers, and mercenaries, you fight for the right to survive and be free.

In Drifting Lands, your ship is made to your specifications and style. Play it fast and precise, buzzing enemy fire to get in close with your blade skills. Play it slow and defensively, using your shields to protect you before unleashing a wave of heavy artillery. With Drifting Lands' mind-boggling array of potential weapon, skill, stat, and part configurations, it's almost impossible for two ships to ever be alike.

Drifting Lands features:

  • Full story mode with randomly generated enemies for maximum replay value.
  • 100 levels of difficulty for everyone from newcomers to seasoned veterans.
  • Competitive missions with pre-set enemy patterns and global leaderboards.
  • Three classes of ships and 60 types of skills to suit your playstyle.
  • Complex loot system for millions of potential ship configurations.

Drifting Lands is priced at $18.99/£13.99/€18.99. The game will be available with a 20% discount until June 19.

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