Fringe Wars Gets New Details On Customization And Two New Game Modes

By Mike Sousa on June 29, 2017, 8:51AM EDT

Developer Oasis Games has revealed new details on the customization and two game modes that will be featured in Fringe Wars, the upcoming all-new space action MOBA currently in alpha development.

Fringe Wars gives players deep customization through both ship choice and personal tweaking. You’ll never be lacking options with the various ship types you can explore. Each ship focuses on a specific role in team-based combat. From heavy hitting damage focuses attack vessels to long range support, there will be a ship for everyone's chosen playstyle. Alongside the variety of ships comes the depth of the customization which gives players the accessibility of multiple weapons, defenses, and support modules. The classes and their respective customization options allow players to be ready for the challenges that await in Frontline and Conquest game modes.

Conquest Mode gives the 5v5 combat the twist it needs. After choosing how to customize your ship, you’ll be taken to the battlefield with four comrades ready for battle. The map will have numerous important objectives including outposts, space stations, and mining faculties. Capturing the mining facility gives you more resources that let you upgrade your ship faster than the enemy. If you can capture the space station too, you’ll be able to reduce cooldowns and improve the entire fleet’s performance. Be wary, however. If you don’t balance your team appropriately, the mission will end in disaster. Be prepared to work together if you want to win.

Frontline Mode streamlines the combat to give one very clear objective: kill or be killed in a straight up team deathmatch. The battlefield is narrow, allowing no escape. If you don’t act fast, your ship will be smoldering wreckage in the depths of space. The deathmatch might be quick, but that doesn’t mean the tension will be low. If you’re strong enough to stare death in the face, fly to the frontline to prove your worth.

The game is currently in late alpha and will be heading to PC and PS4 in Q4 2017.

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