Funcom Launches Mystery ARG For Secret World Legends

By Mike Sousa on June 20, 2017, 7:40AM EDT

A few months ago, we learned that the acclaimed story-driven game The Secret World was going to be relaunched as Secret World Legends. With the game finally releasing next week, Funcom has announced it's counting down to release by kicking off a mystery ARG (Alternate Reality Game) titled 'Kiss of the Revenant'.

Kiss of the Revenant focuses on the solving of intricate puzzles and mysteries. In this ARG an unsettling storyteller invites players to take a second look at a tragic love story on the Savage Coast. Players will be challenged to decipher and perform a ritual that crafts an exclusive set of weapons for use in 'Secret World Legends'. Kiss of the Reveant has now started and will run up to launch of the game on June 26th. The game is available to try out for free on its website

This is a fantastic throwback to the early days of 'The Secret World' when we ran massive ARGs with thousands of players involved. We wanted to give fans an opportunity to experience that excitement again, and it is really the perfect way to get into the spirit of the Secret World universe as enter the final days before launch.

Game Director Romain Amiel

Secret World Legends will launch on June 26th in Funcom’s own channels and on Steam on July 31st. With fully revamped combat mechanics, a redesigned progression system, visual upgrades, and with a greater focus on the player's journey through the world and its massive storyline, 'Secret World Legends' offers a better and more accessible entry into the world myths and legends.

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