Team Racing League Free Demo Out Now

By Mike Sousa on June 21, 2017, 4:58AM EDT

Gamious' newest title Team Racing League will soon hit Early Access on Steam. In preparation, they have released a free demo including Time Trial and a Tutorial, enabling you to learn the basics and test your skills against other players in Weekly Leaderboards on Steam.

This is just an appetizer for the real deal coming out in July. Team racing is super high-adrenaline and overall just a fun experience. With the market so heavily shifting towards team co-op games, we’re eager to see how players respond and look forward to feedback on the concept and gameplay.

Pim Bouman, CEO of Gamious.

Team Racing League is the first team-based racing game where you win and lose as a team. Compete in an online 3v3 race where skill and collaboration are key to victory. Team up, strategize and use tactics to disrupt and beat the opposing team in a MOBA-like race experience.

According to Gamious, the fastest players in the free demo will earn keys for the full game upon release.

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