Age Of Heroes Out Today On Steam Early Access

By Mike Sousa on July 20, 2017, 9:43AM EDT

OmniGames announced that Age of Heroes releases today on Steam Early Access.

Age of Heroes is a VR MMORPG-inspired multiplayer wave arena combat game that includes character progression and MMO raid-style combat. Choose your class (Warlock, Wizard, Priest, and Ranger) with up to five players as you fight terrifying bosses in different battles. Whether it's the Freezing Stronghold or the Hall of Death, adventure awaits as you move to cast spells, dodge attacks, and fire volleys of arrows.

Age of Heroes has a heavy emphasis on teamwork. Thanks to its MMORPG inspiration, players will need to work together to take down bosses. Strategy is a must in Age of Heroes, and it will be a grueling battle if players don't work cooperatively. Body movement is also a part of Age of Heroes, letting you move to dodge attacks and fling spells at your foes.

Game Features:

  • Multiple character classes
  • Character loot and progression
  • Raids with multiple boss fights with each boss fight having different stages and mechanics to overcome
  • All heroes have full body avatars. Avatars will even respond when other players interact with you.
  • Single player and multiplayer modes with multiplayer allowing up to five players
  • Built-in voice chat

Age of Heroes's development will not be over at its release, and various classes will be coming to the game post-release. The game is available for $29.99.

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