Circuit Breakers Will Be Available On Xbox One And PS4 On July 25

By Mike Sousa on July 5, 2017, 2:40PM EDT

Excalibur Games announced that its co-op twin-stick shooter Circuit Breakers will release on the 25th of July on PS4 and Xbox One.

With vibrant and hectic levels, a large variety of playable characters, weapons, and enemies, Circuit Breakers is the ultimate twin-stick shooter. A unique tug-of-war-style mechanic sees players gathering crystals from enemies they defeat, making their weapons more powerful – but the more players fire, the faster their crystals drain.

The game will feature Arcade Mode and Score Attack Mode. Arcade Mode challenges players to blast through as many levels as possible before they die and are reset. These levels are selected at random from a massive pool of unique environments. Score Attack mode puts the player in various scenarios, and challenges them to complete the levels as quickly as possible. To add to the already deep gameplay experience, Circuit Breakers features the Challenge Board, with a wealth of enticing goals in which to reach.

On Xbox One, Circuit Breakers supports up to six player couch co-op, with the PS4 version offering up to four player compatibility.

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