Creative Assembly Announces A Total War Saga

By Mike Sousa on July 10, 2017, 10:45AM EDT

Creative Assembly has announced "A Total War Saga", a series of standalone Total War spin-off titles focusing on exciting pivotal moments in history rather than whole historical eras.

This new spin-off series will arrive with gamers before the next major historical release in the franchise, promising a busy time for historical strategy fans. While previous Total War big releases cover entire eras, like Rome or Empire, Total War Sagas will centre on pivotal flashpoints in those eras, such as civil wars, renowned conquests and political upheavals. Jack Lusted, Game Director of the first forthcoming Total War Saga title, describes the Total War Saga games as a mix of turn-based campaign strategy, real-time battle tactics and hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay that previous Total War games have offered, but focussed down on a distinct moment.

Sagas won’t be revolutionary new titles or introduce brand-new eras; they’ll follow-on from previous Total War games and inhabit the same time-period, or at the very least relate to it. But these are certainly Total War games.

We’ve got more games in production than we’ve ever had before, and historical games form the majority of our forthcoming releases. We thought that badging these “A Total War Saga” would help players understand that they are a spin-off and not the next major title.

Jack Lusted

Lusted also said that the core gameplay in Total War Saga games won't be different to other Total War games, adding that players who enjoyed other titles in the series will definately be interested in the Total War Saga games.

The Total War Saga games will be available for PC.

Source: Total War Blog

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