First-Person Arena Shooter JackHammer Announced For PC

By Mike Sousa on July 18, 2017, 12:43PM EDT

Green Man Gaming Publishing and Mission Ctrl Studios announced today JackHammer, a futuristic arena first person shooter.

Set in a future where televised sport has escalated, the latest event to take the world by storm is JackHammer. Robots covered in their sponsors' logos enter into an arena and engage in an explosive, deadly form of dodgeball in front of adoring, paying fans. JackHammer encourages players to hone their futuristic sporting prowess by employing skillful play, from trick shots to rebounds, and use superhuman athletic ability to own the arena.

JackHammer is a project driven by a love for high-octane, skill-based games. Bringing our game to PC is a hugely exciting step, and we look forward to engaging with players and continuing to develop JackHammer into a truly unique experience.

Tom, Developer at Mission Ctrl Studios

Key Features:

  • High-octane multiplayer future sports in purpose-built combat arenas
  • Fully customizable robotic armors allow you to create your own unique combatant
  • Blast, shunt and grapple your way through online rankings and prove your mettle
  • Hone your skills and prove your mastery with trick shots, rebounds and superhuman agility.
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4 – demolishing 900 pound robots never felt so good!
  • A pumping electronic soundtrack provides the score for robot slaying arena action.

JackHammer releases in Early Access for PC later this year.

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