Horizon Zero Dawn New Update Adds New Game+, Ultra Hard Difficulty, Trophies, And More

By Mike Sousa on July 7, 2017, 8:50AM EDT

Guerrilla Games released a new update for Horizon Zero Dawn, which includes several fixes to progression issues players may have encountered. It also adds several new features, including a new game+ option, a new difficulty mode, and more.

With New Game+ you will be able to relive the adventures of Aloy without losing your character progression and your collected inventory. You won’t be able to progress beyond the level cap of 50, but you can still collect XP during your adventure.

For players who seek an extra challenge, the update also introduces an ‘Ultra Hard’ difficulty. This new setting will enhance machine senses and behavior and other additional smaller tweaks. Players who decide to embark on the Ultra Hard path will not have the option to switch it to a less difficult setting when choosing New Game+.

New Game+ also comes with two new Trophies and extra unlockable content that gives players the ability to add facepaint or change Aloy’s Focus. In addition, existing weapons and outfits have been updated with an extra modification slot at your disposal. These will not come cheap and will set you back some extra shards.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is available on PS4. The game will receive an expansion called 'Frozen Wilds' this fall.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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