Little Nightmares 'The Depth' DLC Out Today

By Mike Sousa on July 7, 2017, 11:11AM EDT

Last month, Bandai Namco announced Little Nightmares: Secrets of the Maw, an expansion split in three chapters that tell a parallel story to the events of Little Nightmares. The first of those three chapters, called 'The Depth', has released today on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In the first chapter of this escape story taking place in parallel to Six’s, another prisoner of the Maw known as The Runaway Kid will explore the decayed and flooded basement of this sinister place. In order to survive, The Kid will have to solve water-based puzzles and swim through the treacherous waters while avoiding the grasp of The Granny – the abandoned monster living in this murky place.

In the second chapter, which releases in November, players will be able to visit The Hideway, a machine-themed section where the Nomes reside. The third and final chapter will be released in January, and will decide the fate of The Runaway Kid.

The Secrets of the Maw expansion pass is available for $9.99/£7.99/€9.99. You can also purchase each chapter individually for $3.99/£3.29/€3.99.

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