Troll And I Gets A Release Date For Nintendo Switch, Patch Update Coming To PS4, Xbox One And PC Versions

By Mike Sousa on July 11, 2017, 9:42AM EDT

Publisher Maximum Games announced that Troll and I, the adventure that pits the dynamic duo of Troll and Otto against a Scandinavian forest of wilds, will launch for Nintendo Switch on the 15th of August. Additionally, the game will receive a major patch for the console and PC versions on the 21st of July.

Troll and I is the perfect first entry for us into the Nintendo Switch system. The cooperative gameplay lends itself perfectly to the local co-op features of the platform, where two friends can work together to battle the challenges they face as a team.

Christina Seelye, CEO of Maximum Games

Troll and I invites players on an enchanting journey with the game’s two main heroes: the nimble, adventurous, adolescent Otto and the powerful, elusive Troll. With the ability to play solo or with a friend in local couch co-op, players must guide Otto and Troll through the majestic mountains and lush forests of the Nordic wilderness as they try to dodge and defeat various enemies, including mythical orcs and ruthless hunters.

The patch update that's coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game will be implementing the following improvements:

  • Addition of a mini-map
  • Additional checkpoints
  • Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty settings
  • Increased crafting speed
  • New tutorials
  • Additional text hints
  • Increased resources for crafting and survivability
  • Overall balance improvements.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game will also see these changes when it launches in August.

Troll and I will be available on Nintendo Switch for $29.99.

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