3D Battleship Game SailCraft Now Available For iOS And Android

By Mike Sousa on August 10, 2017, 9:43AM EDT

Publisher UQSoft has launched its revolutionary turn-based 1v1 battleship game, SailCraft, for iOS and Android devices.

SailCraft is a 3D naval warfare mobile game that re-invents the classic turn-based gameplay of the Battleship-style board game. The fun and nostalgia of sinking enemy vessels is now conveniently available on your phone, along with over 60 types of warship that can be optimized for a variety of tactical combat styles.

Players build their fleets from a wide selection of vessels that include classic warships, as well as a variety of unique new crafts like powerful alien starships, tough dwarf submarines, and magical elf ships. The vast array of possible fleet combinations, battle formations, and other tactical options ensure that the true key to victory isn't luck, but strategy.

SailCraft's quick battles and ease of play allow players to rapidly acclimate to the fight and determine their favorite battle style. Gaining access to new ships leads to bigger, more complex battle formations. The larger the fleet, the more challenging the game becomes. In addition, players can create their own maps, share tips with other players, join a guild, and sharpen their skills by battling against friends.

SailCraft is available as a free to play title with the option to purchase in-game currency (Gems) for real money.

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