Conan Exiles 'The Frozen North' Expansion Announced, Releases On August 16

By Mike Sousa on August 3, 2017, 10:23AM EDT

Funcom revealed today 'The Frozen North', the next expansions for its online survival game Conan Exiles. The Frozen North releases as a free update on the 16th of August, the same day that Conan Exiles makes its debut on Xbox One Game Preview.

The Frozen North adds a whole new landmass and makes the world of Conan Exiles 70% bigger. It also brings the game out of the desert and into the snowy north, introducing an entirely new climate and a weather system that will require players to dress according to the temperature – or face certain death. The Frozen North also introduces entirely new gameplay mechanics such as fish traps, beekeeping, and cooking. Brewing, a new crafting system, will allow players to make alcohol which will also keep them warm in cold environments. Players will also get to dedicate themselves to a new religion, giving them the ability to summon the avatar of Ymir, the Lord of Storm and War, and wreak havoc on enemy players and crush their cities under his feet.

This expansion update does not just mean more content and more features. The team has also worked extremely hard to make sure this release brings with it significant improvements to core aspects of the game such as combat, artificial intelligence, and more. These improvements, in addition to the twenty-eight updates we have already introduced to the game over its six months in PC Early Access, mean this version of Conan Exiles is bigger, and even more importantly, better than ever before.

Creative Director Joel Bylos

Since launching into Early Access on January 31st 2017, the development team has been working tirelessly to introduce new content, improve mechanics, and eradicate bugs and exploits. The team has added siege weapons, a new dungeon, a dye system, new armor and weapons, new decorations, avatar defenses, new building pieces, and much more. The team continues to push hard to further develop the game as it heads towards full launch. The game will leave Early Access and release in full on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in Q1 2018.

Source: Conan Exiles

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