Empyre: Lords Of The Sea Gates Launches On Steam On October 4

By Mike Sousa on August 17, 2017, 10:08AM EDT

Coin Operated Games announced that its upcoming Neo-Victorian RPG, Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates, will be coming to PC via Steam on the 4th of October.

Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates is a top-down isometric RPG that takes place in a Neo-Victorian New York circa 1911, in which the entire city is flooded by rising oceans and the citizens must learn to live in a new reality where there is water everywhere, but none of it possible to drink. The game’s authenticity reflects scenes from New York during the 1900s, while tying the storyline to current day themes such as global warming and the rising of the oceans.

Although set in a fictional, alternate history, the game pays homage to historic accounts by adding authentic items such as patent medicines including poisons or tonics made from dangerous ingredients. Many of the games’ objectives and side quests will tie directly into the experiences that someone in the 19th century would have.

You can check out new screenshots below. More details will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

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