RPG Maker Fes Gets 'Disgaea' DLC

By Mike Sousa on August 26, 2017, 1:11PM EDT

NIS America has announced that RPG Maker Fes has received Disgaea themed DLC. Available to download from the Nintendo eShop, this allows players to create Disgaea themed DLC sprites and graphic images, including crossover characters from Disgaea, Disgaea 5, Phantom Brave, and the ever-so-popular, Prinny.

RPG Maker Fes is a game creation software that lets you create your own RPGs, at anytime and anywhere, on the Nintendo 3DS without any programming knowledge. All your completed RPGs can be uploaded and then downloaded to be played by other Nintendo 3DS users for free. Even if you don't own the game, you will be able to download a RPG Maker Player app and play RPGs created by RPG Maker Fes owners for free.

RPG Maker Fes is available on Nintendo 3DS for $39.99.

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