World War Party: Game Of Trump Releasing Next Week On PC, iOS And Android

By Mike Sousa on August 12, 2017, 8:44AM EDT

Indie developer Bad Monkee announced that it's humorous action multiplayer game, World War Party: Game of Trump, releases on the 16th of August for PC, and iOS and Android devices.

World War Party: Game of Trump is a deathmatch battle played by two teams of 4 players each (humans or bots). But the teams are not alone on the battlefield: President Trump drives around in his mighty ‘murican tank shooting lasers and talking nonsense – the objective is to take him down and kill the opposing team in the process. Choose your team (Russians, German, North Koreans or Muslims) and take up the challenge. There’s boosters, weapons, landmines and even tanks players can use to create mayhem on the field.

We love crude humor, games with guns, explosions, tanks, mayhem and competitive gameplay. And we hate censorship, restrictions, autocrats and everything in the mainstream. To make a violent slugfest of a game about the US president seemed… a logical choice.

Artem Tarassov, CEO of Bad Monkee

World War Party: Game of Trump will be available for free during the launch period.

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