Sucker Punch Announces Ghost Of Tsushima

By Mike Sousa on October 30, 2017, 5:08PM EDT

Sucker Punch, the studio behind the Sly Cooper and Infamous franchises, announced Ghost of Tsushima, an open-world game set during the era of the samurai in feudal Japan. You can check the reveal trailer and some screenshots below.

In 1274, the Mongol army invaded Japan, their first stop: Tsushima Island. In Ghost of Tsushima, you play as a battered samurai, fighting back against overwhelming odds. In the trailer, you see the leader of the Mongols, a guy I would describe as an “uncomfortably reasonable killer” trying to intimidate our hero. It’s all there, right in that little scene. The power and confidence of the Mongol Empire coming face to face with pure, lethal, samurai determination.

We're excited to finally be able to talk about the game and look forward to sharing more in the coming months. Keeping it a secret for so long has been painful. The trailer is the perfect way to share with the world what we’ve been dying to play for so many years – fighting back invaders in feudal Japan, mastering the katana and building your legend as "the Ghost."

Nate Fox, Game Director at Sucker Punch

Ghost of Tsushima will be released exclusively on PS4.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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