Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Gets New Details, 3 DLC Episodes Planned For 2018

By Mike Sousa on November 29, 2017, 3:34PM EDT

During the Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report that took place today, Square Enix shared new details on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis.

According to director Hajime Tabata, Episode Ignis will take players around two hours to finish if they just play the story. After players clear the story, a different route unlocks, which becomes available when Ignis makes a certain decision. This route is mainly a very difficuly boss battle. The ending of this route was created with people who were moved by the ending of the main game in mind. In addition, an Extra Battle where players get to battle against Noctis will also appear after completion of the story in Episode Ignis.

Back in September, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy XV would receive new content in 2018. Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has now stated that he wants to release at least three Episode add-ons next year, starting with an episode for Ardyn. Episode Ardyn will provide more background on the world of Final Fantasy XV, one of the areas which according to users Final Fantasy XV's story was lacking the most. Although there was no confirmation on an episode for Luna, Tabata is aware that fans want to see an episode for her. With all this new content, Tabata hopes to get those who have cleared the game and lost interest re-interested in the game.

Final Fantasy: Episode Ignis releases on the 13th of December on PS4 and Xbox One. More details about the future content that Square Enix has in store for the game will be revealed later this year.

Source: Gematsu

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