Free Arizona Sunshine DLC Out Now On PlayStation VR

By Mike Sousa on November 29, 2017, 12:58PM EDT

Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive announced that the "Free DLZ" update for the PS VR shooter hit Arizona Sunshin is now available to download. The new content is available free of charge to everyone who owns a copy of Arizona Sunshine for PlayStation VR and adds two new maps to Horde mode, which is playable with up to 4 players in co-op multiplayer.

The new Horde maps, "Old Mine" and "Undead Valley", are bigger and allow for a more dynamic play style than the original. Where the first has players think tactically and work in teams to survive in an utterly dark map, in the second, players will find themselves in a warehouse-turned-gambling den near Las Vegas, where they need to keep moving to stay ahead of the horde in a dynamic map.

Arizona Sunshine is out now in the PlayStation Store for PlayStation VR on PS4.

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