League Of War: VR Arena Out Now For PlayStation VR

By Mike Sousa on November 8, 2017, 2:50PM EDT

Independent developer MunkyFun announced it has launched League of War: VR Arena, a new arena-based arcade wargame based on its highly successful League of War strategy game franchise, exclusively on PlayStation VR.

In League of War: VR Arena, players will attempt to lead their side to victory by virtually placing and aiming units on a tabletop-style arena battlefield in fast-paced, action-packed contests. The goal is to destroy the opposing army’s towers and base. Each Commander in the game earns squad units as they progress through their individual story mode, with a squad being comprised of Infantry, Tanks, Recon, Choppers and Artillery, each of which occupies one of five spawn pads. These spawn pads generate units if they are part of your squad. Each unit requires time and energy to build, with more powerful units requiring more energy and taking longer to charge up.

League of War: VR Arena also features quick, visceral 1v1 battles against AI or human opponents. The game’s head-to-head mode has a unique twist: the VR player will engage in strategic combat against a non-VR opponent playing on the Social Screen in the same room.

League of War: VR Arena gives players two great ways to engage in strategic, tabletop-style combat commanded by virtual generals: as a single player game in Campaign mode, and in head-to-head Arcade battles with a human opponent on the couch next to you via innovative use of the Social Screen. Player feedback has been tremendous with VR players and Social Screen players both having a great time.

Nick Pavis, CEO and Co-founder of MunkyFun

League of War: VR Arena is available on the PlayStation Store for $19.99/£18.99/€23.99.

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