Yoshida Would Create Offline Final Fantasy Title "If Company, Fans Ask Me To"

By Darryl Kaye on November 10, 2017, 11:17AM EDT

Naoki Yoshida is hard at work on Final Fantasy XIV, as the MMORPG continues to increase its subscription numbers, but, what about the future? Does he have any dreams to work on other projects, or is he content to carry on focussing his attentions on Final Fantasy XIV?

It's a question that Polygon posed to Yoshida back in June, and when we had the opportunity, we asked him for further clarification around this particular subject.

In response, Yoshida said "I don’t really have some big vision or something that I want to realise in a game." However, he continued by saying "Of course, I have some ideas already for my next project and if I can make it in the future, then that would be great. But, it’s not like I really need to do it. It’s not a situation where if the company doesn’t let me, then I’d quit. (laughs). So, if you ask me, am I interested in directing another Final Fantasy? Then maybe my appetite isn’t that big. "

That's not the end of it though, as Yoshida noted that if there was demand for him to work on something else, then he would be more than happy to do so. He said "If the company, or fans, ask me to move onto another project then of course I would be very happy to do that and I would put 100 percent into it. For example, if the company also asked me to make a Dragon Quest game, then of course I would do it."

In terms of what type of game Yoshida would like to see for the next offline Final Fantasy game, he said "if the next Final Fantasy is going to be created, then because Yoshida is a fan of high fantasy, I hope the concept is more towards high fantasy."

This is of course not confirmation that Square Enix are working on another Final Fantasy title, but it's interesting nonetheless that Yoshida would answer the call if Square Enix came running in his direction!

Source: Final Fantasy Union YouTube

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