Dragon Quest Builders Coming To Nintendo Switch On February 9

By Mike Sousa on December 19, 2017, 4:54PM EDT

Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest Builders is releasing for Nintendo Switch in North America and Europa on the 9th of February.

Dragon Quest Builders is set in Alefgard, the world of the original Dragon Quest. The Hero (from DQ1) was supposed to save the world by defeating the evil Dragonlord, however, our hero actually got tempted into accepting a sham deal with the Dragonlord, which resulted in the world being covered in darkness and despair.

The few survivors scattered around the world no longer understand the concept of creativity and live through scavenging what remains among ruins. As the Legendary Builder with the knowledge to create objects through combination and imagination, it's up to you to rebuild the world and return it to its former glory.

Dragon Quest Builders features a large world to explore, including hidden treasures to discover and epic structures to build. Players can use their creativity to fulfill characters’ requests and build incredible towns using not only fun materials, but also their imaginations. In Terra Incognita – the game’s free-build mode – players can even upload their creations online, or download buildings made by other players.

The Nintendo Switch version will offer players experiences and items exclusive to this version of the game. This includes the ability to gather rare crafting materials and battle enemies while riding the powerful (and adorable) Great Sabrecub, as well as additional crafting options for more robust building customization options.

Dragon Quest Builders is currently available for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

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